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Some news of lovely retreats or events I have been on lately which are supportive of my yoga practice and my development as a Yoga Teacher as well as inspiring for my life in general. I hope you enjoy reading it.

By Chrissy, Mar 3 2016 02:00PM

On Valentine’s Day I had the great privilege of spending the whole day with Reiki Master Nikki Thurlow who I received my Reiki First degree Attunement from back in 1996. This time I was receiving my Reiki Second Degree Initiation. Second degree Reiki increases intuitive awareness and the Reiki energy flow – this means I can then work with the Reiki at even deeper levels than before including distant healing and Chakra balancing. The word Reiki is a Japanese word made up of 2 words: Rei which can be translated as a subtle wisdom that permeates everything, both animate and inanimate. This subtle wisdom is said to guide the evolution of all creation ranging from the unfolding of galaxies to the development of life and Ki which is flowing in everything that is alive including plants, animals and humans. Reiki Master William Lee Rand says that “Reiki is actually spiritually guided life force energy.” When a person's Ki is high, they will feel strong and confident. When it is low, they will feel weak and are more likely to get sick. Ki comes to us from the air we breathe, from food, sunshine, and from sleep. It is also possible to increase our Ki by using breathing exercises such as pranayama and meditation. When a person dies, their Ki leaves the physical body. Ki is also the Chi of China and the Prana of India.

This was one of the most special peak days of my life in terms of personally experiencing the pure healing power of Reiki as transmitted by Nikki - I felt transformed. I also gained some wonderful knowledge to enhance the way I approach providing treatments. I use Reiki daily for myself – I find it a beautiful simple way to connect with and balance my own energies, my emotions, to get quiet and clear and to centre and align with the highest good. I hope that in this way when I come to my yoga mat to teach others that I arrive already in a place of peace with myself so I can be open and peaceful in my teaching. Reiki is a good way for me to practice two of the yogic Niyamas or Codes for Living Soulfully: 1. Swadhyaya or Self Study – a practice that leads to self-discovery and best illuminates the soul and 2. Ishvarapranidhana or Celebration of the Spiritual – Reiki can be a meditation that helps me to experience and embody the mystery of life and therefore find my meaning and purpose.