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Chakradance™ with Chrissy Chelinski






Founded in 1998 by Nathalie Southgate, Chakradance™ is a dance for healing and self-discovery, blending free flowing movements with particular frequencies of sound, guided imagery and mandala art to journey through the chakra system... Each chakra influences an aspect of our lives, from our instincts, sexuality and personal power, through how to love, communicate, intuit and connect to our deepest source of spirituality. Chakradance™, drawing on the wisdom of Jungian psychology, supports us to free the energy in our bodies, opening up to a deeper experience of life which can be deeply healing even transformational, like coming home to our true nature.


You can find out more about Chakradance™ by following this link:


I have been a lover of music since I was a little girl tapping into my half Irish, half Polish spirit and finding my own dance. For 20 years I danced the 5 Rhythms of Gabrielle Roth. Then, turning 50, I trained as a Chakradance™ Facilitator, combining my two paths of Yoga and Dance. I love the freedom and joy which springs from Chakradance™, how we can open up tenderly to the healing which runs through it like a beautiful river into which we can dive when we are ready to surrender to the wisdom of our bodies and our soul.

Your space for yoga with heart...


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I was the first person to train in Chakradance in Yorkshire and i‘m currently one of  only a small handful of licensed Chakradance™ Facilitators in a wide area .Please do contact me if you would like me to offer a Chakradance™ near you or at a particular venue.


Sun 16th June 2019 10.30-4.30pm

Solstice Chakradance & Gentle Yoga Day for Women

at Well House Yoga Space , nr Harrogate

A beautiful day of inspiring and nurturing practice to support you to release energy within and connect compassionately to your body and breath.

Spaces available . Contact me for booking information via the contact form.


 Sunday 18th August 2019 Chakradance at the Summer Retreat day at Harewood Estate near Leeds

contact me for booking info please.


Here's a Review of the last Chakradance day in May this year:

"Such a rich, profound, gently uplifting and awesome experience I had today leaving me magicked away; entranced by the wonder, humour, humbleness, creativity and easy gentle guidance of this very special Facilitator ." Mary.

“At the inner core of each one of us spin seven wheel-like energy centers called chakras. Swirling intersections of vital life forces, each chakra reflects an aspect of consciousness essential to our lives… a profound formula for wholeness that integrates mind, body and spirit.” Anodea Judith