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This quote from The Little Prince has stayed with me over the many years since school days when I read the beautiful book from which it comes. Somehow it seems to capture the essence of the way I live my life, practice and teach yoga and so the name, Wise Hearts Yoga. Welcome.


In Yoga the heart centre is known as the centre of transformation, in Buddhist practice it is the source of Metta or loving Kindness which by its very nature is compassionate. My aim in class is to provide an experience of yoga which is essentially kind and compassionate and to encourage my students to connect to or perhaps even discover that compassion within themselves and from there to gently accept what is present moment by moment in their  experience of their  practice and breath by breath. In this way I believe that Yoga is at its most transformational and true growth can occur for all. My classes are safe and accessible to people of all body shapes and sizes, ages and abilities Classes are also light hearted and we laugh often. I currently teach weekly classes in Otley and Ilkley, West Yorkshire and on Retreats in various locations. I look forward to meeting you.




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About Me  


Namaste. I’m Chrissy Chelinski, Dru Yoga teacher (qualified 2008 and teaching for 12 years), Chakradance Facilitator, Reiki healer, Qi Gong and Infinite Tai Chi practitioner . I formerly worked as a Social Worker for 20 years in mental health and disability services and am naturally dedicated to teaching yoga that is inclusive and accessible particularly to anyone who feels marginalised in society for any reason. My yoga teaching has evolved to blend elements from Qi gong, Mindfulness and my own Buddhist practice with Dru Yoga, often called a yoga of the heart with many of its postures and sequences stimulating the energy pathways around the heart centre so that our bodies and minds are strengthened.  

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“Here is my secret. It is very simple: it is only with the heart that one can see clearly. The essential is invisible to the eyes”  

The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery